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The HYTORC Offset Link provides an extension for HYTORC square drive tools allowing operators to tighten bolts that are difficult or impossible to reach with limited overhead clearance or nearby obstructions. The Offset Links also work great where bolts protrude above the nut where standard sockets won’t fit. The Offset Link provides interchangeable cartridges that allow the links to be quickly interchanged in the field to fit different size nuts. The HYTORC Offset Link delivers accurate torque from the square drive tool to the fastener to minimize operator error and improve safety.

The Offset Link is compatible with all HYTORC Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electric Torque tools. The Offset Link comes in two basic drive types compatible with either ¾” and 1” square drives. The torque multiplication factor for each cartridge is clearly marked; simply multiply the factor by the desired torque and set the torque on the tool for accurate and repeatable bolting operations.

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UPDATE (071918): Minor corrections to grammar and industry title capitalizations.

UPDATE (082018): HYTORC Russia phone number corrected (+1 551 264 3467).