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Customer required a method to bolt the bridge bolts on their separator that can provide credible repeatable torque values to each bolt, this is due to the excessive levels of vibration evident on the plant superstructure


The attached article is one produced by the UK PEG team members Kevin Beaumont, Johnny Fairhurst and Andrew Grabowski as promoted on Linkedin during an LNG marketing campaign in 2020.  Final draught produced by HYTORC Marketing.

The attached article is one devised by the UK PEG team members Kevin Beaumont and Johnny Fairhurst as part of a simple LNG promotional program run on Linkedin during 2020, with some base level content on factors of torque to load repeatability, and also basic bolt preparation.  Final draught was produced by HYTORC marketing department.

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HYTORC WASHER  Application - (Pipe Flange)

HYTORC Washer Application (Flowmeter Piping)

Ce Webinar en Français est une introduction aux solutions de serrages HYTORC.
Les écrous et rondelles HYTORC révolutionnent les procédés de mise en tension des boulonneries industrielles. Nous couvrirons les considérations techniques de l’ingénierie jusqu’aux montages sur site en démontrant comment garantir une sécurité optimum pour les opérateurs tout en réduisant les temps de montage. La conformité à l’ASTM 3394 vous confortera dans l’adoption des rondelles de réaction.

Preface: The purpose of this article is to provide supportive information related to HYTORC ATEX CE certified equipment. HYTORC ATEX CE equipment is recognized by OSHA in the USA. NOTE: Not all ATEX equipment is recognized by OSHA, there are conditions that apply. HYTORC ATEX CE certificates do meet the conditions and criteria as outlined by OSHA.

HYTORC have over the last few years implemented the use of fully stocked tool cabins to help contractors and companies to minimise downtime on site during outages and shutdowns. They can be manned by experience HYTORC technicians who can assist in an upfront tool familiarisation programme so every operative is competent and safe when operating the tools.

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HYTORC is introducing a new self-reacting fastener that will remove the need for reaction arms and that also works as a locking washer.   HYTORC couples these self-reacting fasteners with precision industrial tools that can precisely deliver up to 130,000ft-lbs.  These tools are now available with data acquisition compatibility for manufacturing environments that are using Open Protocol.  This webinar will cover the functionality of self-reacting fasteners and examples of how they can be leveraged in industrial manufacturing environments.     

This webinar is to provide Rail Industry clients with various applications that HYTORC has provided solutions for, which has given the user increased safety, speed and schedule. The elimination of fuels onsite along with elimination of Hand Arm Vibration has taken the industry by storm. The webinar will include Track-based Maintenance, OLE Structures and Train Carriage Maintenance. 

HYTORC is introducing a new self-reacting fastener that will remove the need for reaction arms and that also works as a locking washer.   HYTORC couples these self-reacting fasteners with battery powered torqued tools that can precisely deliver up to 5,000ft-lbs of torque.   This combination of specialized fasteners and precision tooling with data tracking capabilities makes it possible to efficiently and safely pre-load fasteners on the most precarious of mechanical structures.   The webinar will demonstrate the capabilities of these fasteners and how these benefits can be leveraged to improve the safety and reliability of live structures. 

In good or bad times our HYTORC Standard is designed to continue providing you with Superior Technology, Quality and Customer Support.