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This webinar introduces the ASME PCC-1 Appendix A definition of the Qualified Bolting Specialist with Heat Exchanger Specialization.  The talk discusses the training and in-person instructor led exercises and evaluation leading to the ASME QBS with Heat Exchanger Supplemental Qualification.

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This webinar is to provide Rail Industry clients with various applications that HYTORC has provided solutions for, which has given the user increased safety, speed and schedule. The elimination of fuels onsite along with elimination of Hand Arm Vibration has taken the industry by storm. The webinar will include Track-based Maintenance, OLE Structures and Train Carriage Maintenance. 

HYTORC is introducing a new self-reacting fastener that will remove the need for reaction arms and that also works as a locking washer.   HYTORC couples these self-reacting fasteners with battery powered torqued tools that can precisely deliver up to 5,000ft-lbs of torque.   This combination of specialized fasteners and precision tooling with data tracking capabilities makes it possible to efficiently and safely pre-load fasteners on the most precarious of mechanical structures.   The webinar will demonstrate the capabilities of these fasteners and how these benefits can be leveraged to improve the safety and reliability of live structures. 

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This presentation details how the HYTORC Washer System provides a much safer environment for workers while offering the potential to dramatically reduce or even eliminate the risk of hand injuries during bolting. 

  • Mining Applications
  • Safety Concerns
  • Reaction Arm Pinch Points
  • Backup Wrench Pinch Points
  • Impact
  • Reaction and Backup Washer System
  • Reaction Washer
  • Backup Washer
  • Complete Solution